Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinker Repair
Sprinker Repair

A sprinkler system is an amazing thing that can save you lots of time, save you money on water, and add value to your home. These systems can be amazing to have. However, after some period of time, you will need a sprinkler repair. Usually after two to three years is when a new sprinkler system may start to need some repairs like a clogged sprinkler nozzle. Fortunately, many of the sprinkler problems are relatively easy to troubleshoot, and the homeowner may be able to fix it themselves unless they prefer a sprinkler technician to do it for them.

Many different problems can occur. Some issues are: broken or clogged sprinkler heads, sprinkler system controller stops working, index valve skips over sprinkler zones, or water is coming out of multiple zones simultaneously.

Broken Sprinkler Head
If you notice that your sprinkler heads won’t pop up or not functioning correctly, you may have a broken sprinkler head. This may be caused when lawn mowers or other larger vehicles drive over them and will require a replacement or repair.

Clogged Sprinkler Nozzle
If you are experiencing a clogged sprinkler head, it may not rise out of the sleeve the way it usually does or there is no water. Debris and dirt can build up in the sleeve and clog up the sprinkler head. You will need to call a sprinkler technician to fix this, or you can actually fix this problem. Make sure to turn off the water. Lift the sleeve, and remove the sprinkler head. Make sure to clean any debris from the sleeve too, or it will just find its way into the sprinkler head again. Soak the sprinkler head and use a wire brush to remove the rest from the head. Return all parts back to the sleeve. Make sure you run the system to be sure the problem is fixed.

Malfunctioning Sprinkler System Controller

Sprinkler Repair near me
Sprinkler Repair near me

There are four main problems that cause the sprinkler system controller to stop working. If your system fails to keep time, timer dial is not turning, the controller will not turn to manual mode, or the controller fails to operate in an auto mode, you probably have a malfunctioning sprinkler controller. You will want to call for a sprinkler repair if this is a problem you are experiencing to continue to care for your lawn.

Indexing Valve Skipping Zones
If your indexing valve is causing you to skip water zones perhaps the valve is not installed in the ideal location. Usually, you will want it at the highest point in the system to prevent backflow from entering the valve after shutdown. Unfortunately, if this is the case then it will cause the disc to skip as it is pushed against the backflow. This results in water coming through the inlet during startup. To fix this you will need to install a check valve on an outlet that has a zone piping higher than the valve to prevent backflow.

Another problem you could be experiencing if the indexing valve skips a zone while your system is running could be that your pump is located too far from the water source. If this occurs the inside valve disc pops up and down resulting in skipping zones. If you want to fix this on your own, try moving the indexing valve closer to the water source. This will improve the pressure to allow the supply line to fill and prevent skipping future zones.

Multiple Zone Problem
If water is coming out of several zones at the same time, there isn’t enough water to push through the valve in order to shut the other outlets in the other zones. If you have a sprinkler system that requires ten gallons per minute to operate your Hunter Sprinkler system that is only getting six gallons per minute, you will experience this problem. It’s best to have a sprinkler repair to avoid further issues.


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