Get the most from a sprinkler system

Sprinkler System
Sprinkler System

There are several things that you should get out of an irrigation system. Sprinkler systems are a very effective way to water your lawn but they do need maintenance. Maintaining your sprinkler system will make it last. Here are several tips to get the most out of your sprinkler system.

Sprinklers are efficient plus they help your lawn and gardens stay green and lush. If you’re not careful though, they can end up costing you some money. It is important to keep regular maintenance on your sprinkler system.

1. Be Patient

If you have an automated sprinkler system, you don’t have to worry about how often you need to water. You set your timer and let it go. There are rain sensors so your system should know if you need to water or not. The days are gone of running around the yard dragging a 100’ water hose to water your plants.

2. Water in the morning

You are going to want to water as early in the morning as possible. Experts suggest that you water the lawn and your plants around 4:30 am. Yeah, that’s right super early in the morning for most people. You definitely don’t want to be out there with your coffee at that time trying to move a hose and water. Trust your sprinkler system to water when and where you need it. This is because as the day wore on, you are able to help the plants absorbs as much water and the excess evaporates into the air.

3. Sprinkler System Coverage

When you hire a professional irrigation company, sprinkler design is taken care of. You don’t have to worry about where you place the sprinkler heads. These guys do it all day every day so they know what to do. In fact, most professionals can quickly glance at your lawn and tell you how many zones you’ll need to get the proper coverage. You want a small overlap of the spray to ensure that your entire lawn is covered.

4. Pay attention to your settings

Sprinkler System Installation

Most sprinkler systems are mechanical controls. So you do have to pay attention when setting everything up. You might need to cut your water down to 60, 50, even 40% in certain areas to avoid flooding the area. There will also be seasonal changes that you should watch. There are times wherein you’ll have to adjust your sprinkler settings. This is because you have to watch. If there has been a significant amount of rain the night before, you don’t have to water your plants today.

5. Sprinkler maintenance

You should have a professional handle your spring start-up and perform a winterization if you live in an area where it might freeze. You can perform the winterization yourself, but spring startup you might want a professional. The main thing is your sprinkler system gets checked so it runs as it should. You don’t want any broken sprinkler heads or clogged valves giving you an issue. Most of the time, a tuneup takes about an hour from start to finish. That little bit of time is enough to keep your system purring throughout the entire summer.